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Industrial accident kills 2 men in California

Working in certain industries comes with risks. An industrial accident can occur regardless of how safe the work environment is for employees. Sometimes, workers perform the same action successfully so often that they have no reason to believe something will go wrong the next time.

Investigators do not yet know if this was a factor in a recent accident at Galaxy Granite in Northern California. The owner of the company and at least one other employee were unloading a container that may have contained several granite slabs. The owner claims that the worker said he could handle unloading one of the slabs by himself.

Somehow, the slab fell on top of the worker and one other person. San Francisco firefighters were delayed in providing emergency medical care to the men because it took some time to get the slab off of them. By the time they freed the men, they discovered one of the men was dead. The other man was still alive, and emergency medical personnel transported him to an area hospital. Unfortunately, his injuries were too great, and he succumbed to them at the hospital.

OSHA has six months to complete their investigation into this tragic industrial accident. In the meantime, two families may be struggling to deal with the loss of their loved ones. To help them with the financial burdens of their loss, the families are entitled to California workers’ compensation benefits. Not only could these benefits cover the cost of funeral and burial expenses, but the family may also receive a compensation package for the loss of their loved one’s income. Knowing how to receive the maximum amount of benefits available could help with the family’s financial recovery.

Source:, Galaxy Granite Workers Killed by Granite Slab, Kale Williams, Feb. 8, 2014