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February 2014 Archives

Preventing a workplace accident goal of OSHA warning

Most California residents have a cell phone these days. In order to handle all of the cell phone traffic, the industry spends a great deal of time and money either updating and adding to its network of communication towers. The towers are needed to accommodate the volume and consumer demand for better and faster service. This requires men and women to put themselves at risk of being injured or killed in a workplace accident while working on the high towers.

California man crushed to death in workplace accident

As heavy as passenger vehicles are, they are nothing when compared to the weight of many construction vehicles. These heavy-duty vehicles are built to carry or move large amounts of materials. A workplace accident involving such machinery and equipment could easily prove fatal.

Industrial accident kills 2 men in California

Working in certain industries comes with risks. An industrial accident can occur regardless of how safe the work environment is for employees. Sometimes, workers perform the same action successfully so often that they have no reason to believe something will go wrong the next time.

Construction accident at sports stadium kills 1, injures 1

A lot of attention is typically given to providing safety equipment and training to construction workers in order to keep them safe. Unfortunately, there are instances when this same equipment can be a worker's worst enemy. California construction workers may have heard about the recent tragedy at a stadium under construction in the Lone Star State. The construction accident killed one man and injured another.

California homeowner could be cited for construction accident

Anytime scaffolding is going to put workers more than 15 feet off the ground, certain permits are required. Failure to obtain these permits could result in a citation. Further, if a construction accident occurs on such scaffolding, the California division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration could issue safety violation citations.

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