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January 2014 Archives

600 days without a workplace accident at California water distric

Cal/OSHA instituted a program called the California Voluntary Protection STAR (Cal VPP/STAR) program several years ago. The program is designed to recognize companies, both public and private, with outstanding safety records. Recently, a water district in southern California was recertified and holds an impressive record of having gone 600 days without a workplace accident.

Industrial accident at Amgen Inc. injures 3 workers

On Jan. 8, sometime before 3:30 p.m., an explosion took place in one of the labs at Amgen Inc. No one can enter the lab at the California-based company where a chemical explosion took place until it has been deemed safe. At that time, OSHA can continue its investigation into this industrial accident.

Worker in serious condition after construction accident

California construction workers are well aware that numerous dangers exist on a construction site. Even when workers are careful and employers provide adequate safety training and equipment, a construction accident is possible. Recently, an out-of-state worker was seriously injured when he was electrocuted at a job site.

Workers' compensation benefits helpful in California industry

A variety of hazards are present in any workplace, and this is especially true for people who work in the industrial setting. These hazards, ranging from rusty pipes to equipment that has not been well maintained, can pose a serious threat to the health and safety of workers in California -- hence the need for workers' compensation benefits. Experts now are pushing for major changes in how industrial safety is regulated and practiced following a workplace accident that occurred in the state.

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