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California workplace accidents: Man dies after mixer accident

Medical personnel did what they could to save the life of a temporary employee at the Henkel Corporation in California. The possibility of workplace accidents is always present at industrial facilities. The question is always whether that accident could have been prevented?

Cal-OSHA is investigating the accident and will have up to six months to make that determination in this case. The employee in question was using a mixer when he got caught in it and was crushed. Medical personnel amputated both of his legs in an effort to save his life, but it was not enough. The man ended up dying from his injuries.

Cal-OSHA will be interviewing anyone that may have witnessed the accident along with the employer. They will also be reviewing records regarding the maintenance and safety of the equipment along with whether the employee received adequate training on the machine in question. This and other information will be used to make a determination as to whether the company should be fined in connection with the accident.

Their investigation may also give the deceased employee’s family some answers. In the meantime, his family may benefit from determining their entitlement to workers’ compensation death benefits under California law as a result of his death. Employees that work in industrial jobs often are aware that certain risks go with the job and that workplace accidents can happen. However, those same employees do have the right to rely on their employers to provide them with safe equipment and a safe environment that attempts to minimize if not eliminate at least some of those risks.

Source: San Jose Mercury News, “Antioch man dies in industrial machine incident in Bay Point,” Natalie Neysa Alund, April 16, 2013