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February 2013 Archives

California workplace accidents: Government shuts company down

A California bus company has been shut down after a deadly crash took the lives of several people. The bus was traveling back from a day trip when it collided with a truck and another car. Seven of the bus passengers and the truck driver died. If the bus driver in this crash is among the many people who sustained injuries, he or she may be entitled to seek a workers' compensation claim. Workplace accidents cannot always be prevented, but when safety issues are present, employees could be placed in harm's way on a daily basis.

California recycling workers more prone to injury on the job

California recycling workers are beginning to fight back against poor work conditions. Workers complain they are being subjected to dangerous conditions while working and are receiving low wages. They are now beginning to gather and speak out against those workplace issues, but feel like they may be experiencing backlash by some of the corporations within the industry. Workers in the recycling business may be more prone to suffering an injury on the job. One of the advocates for these employees works for an organization that just recently issued a report claiming illness and injury on the job in this career field keeps people out of work at a rate five times higher than other industries combined.

California industrial accident results in OSHA violations, fines

A refinery fire in California has resulted in a number of citations and a massive proposed fine by OSHA. If the fine stands, it will be the largest issued in the history of our state. Chevron has rebutted the claims and indicated it plans to appeal. The company acknowledges failure existed in the industrial accident, but it does not agree with many of the OSHA findings and disagrees with OSHA's characterizations of those fines as willful.

California film workers exposed to injury on the job hazards

California's adult film industry has been under fire for the last few months, but it is again making headlines after accusations were leveled against one film company for allegedly violating safety protocol within the workplace. Any time a worker sustains an injury on the job, it could result in a workers' compensation claim. While the adult film industry is vastly different from other workplaces, it is still under the watchful eye of OSHA.

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