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California workers’ compensation: Safety can reduce accidents

Most California employers know an emphasis on safety is a positive way to reduce workplace injuries. In turn, implementation of safety standards can also reduce the number of workers’ compensation claims. Employers across the nation are beginning to fully understand worker safety not only protects employees, but it also could be good for business profits.

The head of OSHA says his biggest frustration concerns employers who may be unfamiliar with all of OSHA’s standards. Those employers may feel like safety issues exist, but fail to take immediate action to correct the potential problem. While many workplaces preach safety, not all back their statements up with high safety standards.

Critics note that OSHA’s practice of using press releases assesses blame against companies when guilt hasn’t actually been proven. However, OSHA counters that the press releases are an effective way to deter other employers from making the same mistakes. As such, OSHA has no plans to discontinue use of the press statements.

OSHA stresses safety to employers in California and across the nation. When a company fails to protect its workers, one result may be an increase in workers’ compensation claims. It only benefits companies to enforce safety standards, but many may still be ignorant of OSHA guidelines and policies. Workers who file for workers’ compensation benefits may do well to seek assistance as a means of ensuring that all applicable benefits are paid as provided by law. When safety isn’t stressed, workers may ultimately suffer and become involved in a workplace accident or incur some other serious type of injury.

Source: Bloomberg BNA, “OSHA Head Says Wide Range of Tools Needed to Enforce Rules on Worker Safety,” Stephen Lee, Jan. 16, 2013