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January 2013 Archives

California workers' compensation: Safety can reduce accidents

Most California employers know an emphasis on safety is a positive way to reduce workplace injuries. In turn, implementation of safety standards can also reduce the number of workers' compensation claims. Employers across the nation are beginning to fully understand worker safety not only protects employees, but it also could be good for business profits.

California workers' compensation: Blaze sends thousands for care

A massive refinery blaze in California appears to have been caused by firefighters who responded to reports of a leaking pipe. They may have accidentally punctured the damaged pipe, causing a leak that emitted a flammable cloud of gas and sparked a huge blaze. The resulting fire forced thousands of people to seek medical treatment for breathing and other issues. The federal Chemical Safety Board is now investigating the accident, but claims it is likely the fire would have started regardless of the punctured pipe. Reports are not clear on any worker injuries, but the smoke and gas released into the air caused problems for numerous people, potentially resulting in claims for workers' compensation.

California workplace accidents: Man sustains fatal crush injury

A fatality accident has occurred at a California warehouse. Workplace accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and can result in difficulties for the families involved and for the employer, especially if there is a safety failure or hazard present at the time of the incident. The 56-year-old man worked at the warehouse and was hit by a trailer backing into the warehouse.

California worker killed in construction accident

A California worker has died after a tragic construction accident. The man fell several feet while he was working at a home. The fall occurred in the morning at a neighborhood where they were working on a new home. It took crew members several minutes to realize the construction accident had happened.

Injury on the job: California hotel settles with OSHA

An injury on the job can be a problem for California workers in the housekeeping industry. Cal/OSHA has been involved in several investigations at the Fisherman's Wharf Hyatt after receiving union complaints. Eventually the hotel and OSHA settled after they worked together in an effort to ensure there were no health or safety issues concerning workplace safety with their housekeeping staff. The hotel's general manager issued a statement after the agreement claiming the settlement did not support allegations of injury on the job risks.

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