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December 2012 Archives

California industrial accident highlights company's safety policy

A serious work accident and an employee's subsequent treatment upon returning to work have placed the spotlight on a Phillips 66 oil refinery in California. The man was seriously injured when he and another coworker were trying to clear a sulfur plug on a unit exchanger. When the man turned the steam control valve on, he was hit in the face with steam and molten sulfur. His hands and head also suffered serious burns. The industrial accident ended with the man suffering third degree burns and an eight-week recovery period.

Man falls 40 feet to the ground in California workplace accident

Workplace accidents often occur with no prior warning and can sometimes result in serious injury or even death. A California man has been injured on the job in one of these workplace accidents. Fortunately, the man survived the accident but is in the hospital.

Workers' comp board rules man can get benefits after heart attack

The situation involved a project manager for several construction projects. He oversaw a budget of millions of dollars and many of the projects he was involved with were not going particularly well. In one particularly upsetting incident, a contractor screamed in the face of the project manager, who later said he felt as if his life was being threatened.

California mental hospital cited after injury on the job hazards

Normally, an injury on the job brings to mind dangerous equipment or safety hazards that need to be addressed. However, one California hospital has been fined by OSHA after it allegedly failed to keep its staff safe by attacks from patients. Employees in this particular hospital may be more prone to suffering an injury on the job because they work with mental patients.

California worker cleaning ride sustains injury on the job

A Disneyland worker suffered an injury on the job recently while trying to clean one of the rides at the park. Fortunately, it seems like he will be okay, but he did suffer several broken bones. The injury on the job was sustained after a 20 to 30 foot fall. He has been transported to a California hospital to receive medical care.

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