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Industrial accident kills California crane mechanic

A California mechanic recently died after an industrial accident at the Port of Oakland. The man was transported to the hospital after the accident, but was pronounced dead. The industrial accident occurred at Berth 37, one of several terminals inside of the port.

A spokesman for OSHA stated that the man died from his injuries after being crushed by a crane. He suffered from head injuries and a crushed chest. It wasn’t immediately clear what type of work he was doing prior to the deadly accident.

Cal-OSHA investigators at the scene were trying to figure out exactly what happened, but they believe that the crane incident was a tragic accident. Berth 37 was shut down the day of the accident. All of the other terminals inside of the port stayed open, however.

An accident came come with no warning and can bring tragic consequences to employees. As the investigation into this accident continues, investigators will attempt to determine exactly what happened so that they can inform the man’s family members and the company. Workers’ compensation for the surviving family members may come into play as this investigation furthers and could help them with last medical costs and funeral expenses. When a family member dies in a California industrial accident, it can detrimentally affect the family finances, especially if the victim was their primary breadwinner. Workers’ compensation can often help people in a situation like this with the expenses associated with such a tragedy and help them get back on their feet.

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