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Family of California man killed may seek workers’ compensation

A recent crash in California at an airport has killed one man and potentially damaged a small aircraft. The worker, 60, was an employee of a private catering company. It appears the vehicle struck the tip of an aircraft, which crushed the cab of the vehicle around 5:30 am. He died at the scene of the workplace accident. As the tragic incident is investigated, workers’ compensation death benefits for the victim’s surviving family may play an important role.

Reports indicate that the plane was tied down for the night; however, it will be investigated it the plane was in the proper location. There was no mention of witnesses on the scene, however one would expect there to be camera footage of the airport where the accident occurred. Regardless of the circumstances that caused the accident, workers’ compensation death benefits typically apply. However, the laws and guidelines are sometimes complicated, and the surviving family may benefit from seeking advice about how to proceed.

The family of the man likely qualifies for workers’ compensation death benefits under California law. These important benefits normally cover final expenses, including funeral costs. Further, the loss of income created by the worker’s death may also result in a benefit payment to the family. As the investigation continues, its focus will attempt to document how the fatal accident occurred and what steps can be taken to ensure similar accidents do not happen in the future.

When an on-the-job accident happens and workers’ compensation benefits need to be filed, it may prove beneficial to seek assistance. The laws governing benefits are sometimes changed. In the event of a fatal accident, the surviving family usually has all it can do to try and come to terms with the tragedy. Death benefits were created to supply financial support for dependents that would otherwise lose support due to an untimely tragedy.

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