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California man killed in levee construction accident

Construction sites can present dangers to workers that other workplaces may not. Tall heights, heavy machinery or equipment, and precarious tasks may all contribute to the hazardous conditions. Recently, a construction accident here in California led to one man’s tragic death after being trapped.

According to authorities, the contractor was working in the area of a boat dock when he became trapped, which resulted in his being crushed by concrete stairs. It is unclear how the man became trapped. A Sheriff’s office official stated that the man was trapped between concrete and a trench. He was reportedly digging near a levee when the accident occurred.

The man was reportedly in his 40’s, though his identity has not yet been released to the public. He was a contractor hired for a renovation job on a dock near Bethel Island. According to one local, the man had worked in the area previously. Such a tragic accident is even more so when the cause is unclear and questions are unanswered.

A construction accident such as this one may require additional investigation to determine whether workplace safety or a lack thereof, was a contributing factor. Reports do indicate that California OSHA will be conducting an investigation into this accident. Fortunately, the family of this man is likely entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits. In such a tragic situation, money should be a family’s last concern, and the benefits typically cover final expenses and other costs, along with lost income from employment.

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