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September 2012 Archives

Working to keep industrial workers in California safe

California oil refineries are under scrutiny due to recent reports that 15 oil refineries in the state have not been involved in workplace safety inspections per federal standards. Industrial workers may be interested to learn what the future holds for their safety as they continue to work in these environments. An incident at the Richmond refinery in August that left part of the plant destroyed has cast scrutiny on California's Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

Inland California warehouse conditions caused workplace injuries

A day before the planned 50 mile march from an NFI Industries warehouse in Mira Loma California to Los Angeles, nearly three dozen warehouse workers have walked out of work and began protesting. The working conditions involve high temperatures, inadequate ventilation and poorly maintained equipment. Conditions such as these are prone to workplace injuries caused by fatigue or faulty machinery.

Complications may arise for NFL players seeking workers' compensation benefits

NFL players have the right to file for workers' compensation benefits if they can prove they were injured on the job. Typically, when an NFL player becomes injured, workers' compensation claims are targeted to a particular injury and, when appropriate, allotted a certain monetary settlement.

California man killed in levee construction accident

Construction sites can present dangers to workers that other workplaces may not. Tall heights, heavy machinery or equipment, and precarious tasks may all contribute to the hazardous conditions. Recently, a construction accident here in California led to one man's tragic death after being trapped.

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