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August 2012 Archives

California workplace injuries under review for heat-related deaths

California may be home to some of the best beaches, but with that also comes extreme summer heat. That heat creates a new set of concerns for heat-related health issues. For those who work outside, exhausting work conditions may lead to workplace injuries.

California governor approves of workers' compensation changes

Several big businesses and unions in California have been working to revamp workers' compensation. Now, it would appear that Governor Brown is backing their proposed changes. The question becomes whether or not the changes to the workers' compensation system are really going to help injured workers.

California refinery fire results in thousands of claims

California oil refineries provide a great deal of gasoline used on the West Coast. They also provide substantial employment for industrial workers in local areas. Workplace unpredictability is higher in most industrial conditions than in average working conditions. However, considering the nature of the refinement process, refining companies need to have more precautionary efforts in place to ensure the safety of workers and the community at large. In a recent example, a fire has caused numerous health hazards.

California indictment brings lab workplace accidents to light

Chemists from all over the world clamor over each other to work in the labs in California's premiere universities. The allure of the freedom to research and create things that may someday change the world draws thousands of applications each year, but that freedom can be a double edged sword. What these chemists may fail to remember is that there are real dangers when working in a research lab and workplace accidents can happen.

Workplace accidents: 2 dead, 1 injured at road construction site

A recent California car crash resulted in the tragic death of two road construction workers and injury to a third construction worker. Workplace accidents like these happen all too often, especially at night. This incident took place just after 3:30 a.m. on the San Diego Freeway in Torrance, California, even though the area was apparently well lit.

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