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California worker suffers serious injury on the job

Workplace injuries do not necessarily happen frequently. However, in recent news, one man was seriously injured in an industrial accident on Thursday, June 29. The accident happened at a Graphics plant. Unfortunately, work accidents are all too common in California and across the country. This injury on the job occurred when a worker reportedly got caught in a piece of machinery.

Reports indicate that the man fell into the printing press and got caught in it. The local emergency crews were called immediately and the man was reportedly unconscious when they arrived on the scene. According to a witness, the man’s injuries were substantial, although no official statement of injuries has been made.

According to the Deputy Chief, the man was flown to the hospital following the accident. His condition is unknown at this time. Accidents can often be quite serious. While the workers’ injuries are unknown, they are certainly considered severe. Often, injuries that are serious can take years to recover from–if the victim ever fully recovers.

In the meantime, the family of the injured worker is likely wondering the exact cause of the accident, which is probably being investigated. The worker may need to spend a lot of time and money in his recovery. He and his family will review the circumstances surrounding the devastating accident and may want to consider what steps to take next. In this case, workers’ compensation should cover the man’s medical expenses as well as lost wages due to the injury on the job.

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