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Construction site accident leaves worker dead in Chico

Construction workers’ accidents are often among the most perilous types of accidents that can happen in California. Construction work can be dangerous, particularly when safety precautions are not properly followed. Most, if not all, of these types of accidents could have been avoided with the correct procedures in place. A construction site accident runs the risk of leading to severe injuries and sometimes even fatalities.

The potentially-dangerous nature of the work by no means diminishes the anguish that surviving family members likely feel in the wake of such fatal construction work accidents. One California widow likely felt complete devastation when she received the phone call that her husband fell 20 feet from a highway overpass while toiling on a project to widen a highway in Chico.

The woman is now left to fend for herself and her four children that she had with the victim. As she struggles with the grieving process, she will have to begin to build her life anew. This includes a financial overhaul as she works to recoup the lost wages she now faces.

While nothing can change what has already occurred from this California construction site accident, there are important benefits that the surviving family can claim. Workers’ compensation death benefits typically provide money to cover medical and funeral expenses, as well as lost income. As the family struggles to cope with their sudden and frightening loss, it is only hoped that they find some peace and the strength to survive as their husband and father would likely have wanted.

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