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May 2012 Archives

Southern California worker losses an arm in industrial accident

Workplace accidents are all too common. Last week, a Southern California man was the victim of a terrible industrial accident. The accident happened at an aviation plant in Southern California. Orange County Fire Authority responded to the scene just before midnight, and the man was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

San Diego SeaWorld worker left with facial injuries

A 20-year-old mechanic working in San Diego may be left facially disfigured in the wake of an industrial accident that caused leaking hydraulic fluid to hit the man in the face when a hydraulic plug came loose on a SeaWorld ride May 15.

Construction site accident leaves worker dead in Chico

Construction workers' accidents are often among the most perilous types of accidents that can happen in California. Construction work can be dangerous, particularly when safety precautions are not properly followed. Most, if not all, of these types of accidents could have been avoided with the correct procedures in place. A construction site accident runs the risk of leading to severe injuries and sometimes even fatalities.

Worker in critical condition after 40 foot fall into vat of acid

In San Diego, and elsewhere across the country, workers are protected in the event that they are injured due to a workplace accident or workplace conditions. As such, a New Jersey worker will likely be covered after a horrific job site accident that occurred when the worker was toiling to replace the roof of a metal tubing factory.

Injured at what?

Through various postings, this blog has detailed workplace accidents occurring throughout San Diego, California, and across the country more broadly. Often, in the wake of such accidents, workers' compensation is the end result, but what about the process? How does an injured worker go about securing benefits? How does an injured worker seek care?

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