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California woman fights for workers’ comp after workplace injury

One mother was desperately working hard to get her and her three daughters off of welfare. The California mother took a position at a Southern California Walmart and thought that things were looking up for her. However, a workplace injury that left her debilitated changed everything.

The woman was experiencing severe pain in her arm but was virtually forced by her employer to continuing working through the pain, serving to only further aggravate the injury. When she would complain, her managers would tell her that there were plenty of other people who would take her job.

When she was so overcome by pain at work one day that her managers finally had her seen by the company doctor, she was put on temporary disability and began receiving workers’ comp checks every month. Eventually, she was put on permanent disability, which means that she was eligible to go back to work under certain doctor stipulations and she saw a reduction in her workers’ comp check.

Her lawyer got Walmart to pay for one surgery but is now pushing to have them pay for another. It is unacceptable the way in which this woman was treated. She is an honest, hard working employee that deserved better.

Employees should never have to tolerate pain or threats in the wake of a work place injury. In the event of such circumstances, a victim would do well to seek experienced legal counsel that can fight for the workers’ just compensation and coverage of medical expenses.

Source: Huffington Post, “LA Walmart Employee, Girshriela Green, Tells Her Story Of Poverty And Injury (VIDEO),” Kathleen Miles, March 21, 2012