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April 2012 Archives

Injury during sexual encounter on business trip: Workplace injury?

Workers' compensation can be awarded as the result of several factors -- workplace injury, industrial accident and construction accidents are a few common examples. However, these terms, like workplace accident, are very broad and there doesn't appear to be a precise definition of what exactly constitutes them.

Battery explosion injures 1

Industrial jobs often deal with chemicals and volatile substances that when not properly handled can result in industrial accidents. One such industrial accident happened yesterday when a prototype battery exploded in General Motors car factory. The explosion was so powerful it blew out windows on a building of the campus.

California woman fights for workers' comp after workplace injury

One mother was desperately working hard to get her and her three daughters off of welfare. The California mother took a position at a Southern California Walmart and thought that things were looking up for her. However, a workplace injury that left her debilitated changed everything.

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