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March 2012 Archives

Fatal California industrial accident

A California industrial worker was recently killed in a metal forging and tool-manufacturing plant in Berkeley, California, when he was struck in the back of the head by a section of a metal grinding wheel. Reportedly, paramedics were called to the scene of the industrial accident, but sadly, the victim did not survive.

Oscars - and legislators - honor 'The Help,' part 2

In a previous post, we outlined several reasons that advocacy groups are pushing for the passage of Assembly Bill 889, which would be delivered as a response to the plight of domestic workers that have no workers' compensation, no short-term or long-term disability insurance, no retirement plan, no paid sick leave, the list goes on. The passage of this bill would affect people working in private homes by forcing their employers to follow stricter guidelines or face penalties.

$8.9 million California workers' compensation settlement

Recently, one of the largest workers' compensation settlements in the history of California was reached by an insurance company on behalf of a former California painter that suffered a traumatic brain injury. Just how large is one of the largest ever? $8.9 million structured to be paid out monthly over the remainder of the victim's life.

1 worker dead after sustaining workplace injury

When a company in San Diego, California, or across the country more broadly, is cited by OSHA for violating workplace safety regulations and that same company fails to make the proper adjustments to reconcile the infraction, consequences will occur. Not only could injuries be sustained, but that company could incur heavy fines as well as leave themselves susceptible to a lawsuit.

Fatal California construction workers' accident

The California woman turned on the entrance to go home, just like she would any other night. Except that she had been drinking and didn't realize the entrance ramp was closed. Not only that the entrance ramp was closed but that it was under construction and there were several workers on the scene. By the time the California woman may have realized all of this, it was already too late. She directly caused a construction workers' accident.

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